In comparison to games in other subject areas, there are not many safety games available and there has been very little effort put into their gaming mechanisms or interfaces. This is because safety education is not considered an actual subject but it has been divided into many different subjects. Some of it also tells us about the lack of values, beliefs and professionalism that the gaming industry shows in terms of safety. It is often considered that the youth safety education should be left to fire brigades.

A game that will replace learning materials

An educational game must be entertaining and rewarding, and it must offer the player something to aim for in order to make young people want to learn. Without these elements gamification does not bring any more value to a traditional text book. As we were developing Rescuebusters, we considered it very important that the game will fulfil the entertainment criteria and that the player will want to come back to the game and aim for new prices.

Rescuebusters’ 3D-animated tasks are unique in all standards of educational gaming and they offer practical aspects to support the theory. The game will replace all the separate safety education learning materials across the curriculum. Rescuebusters is meant to give a strong base for practical work and support it; once the class has played for a while, they can practice the situations in the classroom in pairs or small groups.

Entertaining, communal learning

Children and young people appreciate an entertaining game with a immersive world. We created a heroic story where Captain Max Shelter has returned from the future to ask young people for their help in saving the future by making it a safer place. We wanted the game to develop the sense of community among young people so in these tasks, they will help each other and others in tricky situations.

Rescuebusters is unforeseen and unique, not only as a Finnish safety game but as a game overall. It is an excellent, entertaining educational tool that should be a part of every school’s teaching plan.