My name is Jussi-Henrikki Rautio. I am a rescuer, practical nurse and the founder of SyraWise Oy, board chairman and the creator of Rescuebusters-concept. I graduated as a rescuer from Kuopio’s Emergency services college in 2007. Now I work as a fireman-paramedic at Pirkanmaa’s emergency services. My job description includes fire services, but also working as a paramedic and doing first aid and safety education.

I think safety education is one of the most important tasks at the emergency services; it may not be the most visible or exciting task but for the society it certainly is the most influential and positive one. We create a better foundation for safety culture and safe living by starting safety education early in people’s lives. Through safety education we can fix attitudes and develop interest for one’s own safety in life which is important in the long run. What you learn as a child, you can still do when you’re older.

Incapability shows in everyday living

Despite the Finnish emergency services being very professional in their assigned educational tasks, and despite teachers doing a brilliant job with the subject area, there is still a huge need for supporting and improving the safety education for children and young people in particular. Unfortunately, our current level of education just is not enough.

We hear way too many news about fire-related deaths in Europe and about how people would not dare to stop and help someone because they did not know how to help. We see this type of incapability a lot in our work. Incapability that normally only shows are ready meals and messy houses, but may end lives in emergencies.

Idea that saves lives

I have been developing this idea ever since my educational trips in 2013 about a safety education game that would take the safety communication to a whole new level. Ever since the beginning we have felt that it is very important for Rescuebusters to be an useful tool for both teachers and parents as it is an educational, inspiring game for young people.

At Syrawise, we are convinced that our game has a huge societal impact. It takes time to change attitudes and safety culture, but we will make that change with the best tools and great attitudes. With Rescuebusters people will learn to prevent accidents, act appropriately if they do happen and what’s more, they will have the courage to help.

The saying goes: life is the best time for us, but first we must stay alive to be able to live.