Nowadays not many can, or even feel brave enough to help each other. People do not know what to do in emergencies and they can make error estimates that may be fatal.

This is because safety education is not inspiring. Teachers use patchy safety education materials that they have put together themselves which does not interest children or young people. It also heavily depends on the family, city and school how good each child’s safety skills are.

Teachers need a teaching tool that is modern, illustrative, comprehensive and produced by professionals. They can use this to get school children interested in safety education. Rescuebusters is all of these things.

A teaching tool that inspires students

Rescuebusters truly develops people’s skills in emergency situations. 3D-animated tasks and their detailed observation will create strong engrams for the correct actions which will then, in a crisis, save both the person helping and the person receiving the help.

Rescuebusters is a comprehensive tool for teachers. It will make the teacher’s job significantly easier as now they can track the pupils’ development throughout the game. The game will also serve the parents who wish, more than anything, that their children will remain safe.

The need for this game is significant

The need for safety education materials and teaching tool like this game is significant both in Finland and internationally. We performed a market research with primary school head teachers who responded in unison: 96 % of them were interested in using a high-quality safety education game in their teaching. This need is also reflected in the teaching plan for 2016, which mentions self-care, everyday skills, communal responsibility and care, avoiding accidents, arranging first aid and gamification.

Rescuebusters not only improves citizens’ safety skills in theory and practice, but it also decreases the number of accidents and the costs of crises to the society. At Syrawise, we safeguard life.