Rescuebusters game now available from Google Play and App Store!


Schools are changing their teaching plans and materials. The use of technology and gamification is rapidly increasing as part of learning, but they are still not used enough. Unfortunately some of the subjects are getting overshadowed by others: most importantly safety education which does not get covered anywhere near enough.

Rescuebusters has been developed for these purposes – it also makes learning more fun and teaching much more instructive than ever before!

Rescuebusters is an interactive 3D-animated game that specialises in youth safety education. It is an unique teaching tool that brings practical examples alongside theoretical learning with animated, real-life based tasks. Rescuebusters offers a immersive world with distinctive, sympathetic characters, unique game mechanisms and development tracking which take teaching to a whole new level.

We all have the huge responsibility to teach our children the basic skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. By teaching them how to act in emergency situations, we make the future safer for everyone.


The game

Interesting, immersive game world and fun characters

Entertaining game experience that will take learning games to a whole new level


3D-animated tasks correspond to real-life situations

Players will learn through problem-based learning and repetition

Players will aim to get achievements and points, so they are learning about safety almost without noticing


In the game the players will solve safety quizzes, special tasks and campaign areas.

The tasks can be viewed through different angles by using the slow motion and rewind actions.

Gaming community

Saving class mates’ characters and bringing in points for their own school will create a sense of community

International gaming community will also be available outside of the school as the players will help each other over many continents.

In cooperation

  • Lenovo
  • Suomen Palopäällystöliitto
  • Sail For Good
  • Hätäkeskuslaitos
  • Elvytysneuvosto