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Safety communication for children and young people

Schools are changing their curriculum and materials. The use of technology and gamification is rapidly increasing as part of education. We all have the huge responsibility to teach our children basic skills they will need throughout their lives. Unfortunately, the teaching of life’s most important skills has remained minimal in schools. By educating our children on how to prevent accidents and how to act in the case of accident, we are creating a safer future for them and everyone else. The Rescuebusters mobile game and Rescuebusters educational portal has been developed specifically for these purposes – it also makes learning more fun and teaching more constructive than ever before!



Corporate safety

Corporate safety consists of a company’s internal safety issues that directly impact its financial results. It is possible to learn how to prevent accidents and injuries, and how to act correctly in cases of emergency. Using these skills, employees will be able to influence the prevention of emergencies. Employee wellbeing plays a decisive role in company productivity and a safe working environment promotes job satisfaction and commitment, while at the same time reducing sick leaves. A good working environment combined with safe and healthy working practices is also endorsed by quality activities. The Rescuebusters 3D game and educational portal are customised to offer companies an effective way of influencing every aspect of company safety and create a positive safety attitude and culture within the working community.

More information about the education portal: Download PDF
More information about the game: Download PDF


The game

Interesting, immersive game world and fun characters

Entertaining game experience that will take learning games to a whole new level


3D-animated tasks correspond to real-life situations

Players will learn through problem-based learning and repetition

Players will aim to get achievements and points, so they are learning about safety almost without noticing


In the game the players will solve safety quizzes, special tasks and campaign areas.

The tasks can be viewed through different angles by using the slow motion and rewind actions.

Gaming community

Saving class mates’ characters and bringing in points for their own school will create a sense of community

International gaming community will also be available outside of the school as the players will help each other over many continents.